Adobong Sitaw with Pork Full Recipe Step by Steps

Adobong Sitaw with Pork made of long beans and pork belly is an easy weeknight dinner that packs great flavors! This adobo-style vegetable dish is hearty, tasty, and pairs well with steamed rice.

The Filipino adobo has many variations, which is not surprising as almost any meat, fish, seafood, and vegetables can be cooked with excellent results in the vinegar and spices characteristic of this indigenous cooking process.

One of my favorites of these adobo variants is adobong sitaw, which is a great way to enjoy an otherwise bland-tasting yard long beans. Tender-crisp sitaw swimming in a tangy and savory adobo sauce over piping-hot steamed rice is a combination that’s hard to beat! Add grilled or fried fish on the side, and you have a tasty and filling meal everyone will be fighting over.

What to Add to Adobo na Sitaw

You can skip the meat and make the dish vegetarian or go full-on flavor with your choice of protein. I like to use pork belly as it has a great ratio of meat and fat, a prerequisite to an exquisite adobo in my opinion, but you can also use the options below.

  • ground pork or beef
  • shrimp
  • crispy-fried tofu
  • pork shoulder or tenderloin strips
  • chicken liver or gizzards
  • bacon
  • smoked ham
  • chicharon
  • boneless chicken thigh or breast

Tips on How to Make Adobong Sitaw with Pork

  • Cut the sitaw into uniform lengths to ensure even cooking.
  • For the best texture, do not overcook the long beans. Allow the adobo sauce to reduce before adding the sitaw, increase the heat, and then stir-fry the vegetable just until tender-crisp.
  • To add an extra depth of flavor, stir in 1 to 2 tablespoons of oyster sauce.
  • Want a bit of heat? Add dried red chili pepper flakes to taste!
  • For crunch and to amp up the presentation, garnish with toasted garlic bits before serving.

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