Mango Jelly Full Recipe Step by Steps

Mango Jelly made with juicy mangoes, jelly cubes, mini tapioca, and sweetened cream is a delicious treat you’d want all summer long! Creamy, tangy, and refreshing, it’s sure to be a crowd favorite!

I braved my weighing scale today and I have to say, the encounter was far from pretty. Ugh, I really need to take control of my burgeoning waist/weight, but it’s kind of difficult when dreaming up delicious concoctions for the blog is what I do for a living.

Take for instance this mango jelly. See that big, green tub? I ate the whole containerful all by myself!

It was so good with loads of juicy mangoes, jiggly gelatin, mini sago, and sweetened cream, I couldn’t resist. In fairness, though, I didn’t finish the whole batch in one sitting. It took me a day and a half.

What is mango jelly

This mango gulaman is a delicious adaptation of the mango sago recipe we have in the archive. Both desserts are mostly similar in taste but with a few changes in prep.

In the recipe below, we’re taking a Chinese restaurant classic up a notch! Instead of pureeing the mango with evaporated milk and mixing in mini sago, we’re using mango chunks, jelly cubes, condensed milk, and table cream in addition to the sago. The result is just as delicious but definitely more fun to eat.

Helpful tips

  • While you can use just about any type of mango, I highly recommend using Manila Mangoes or a similar cultivar, Ataulfo. They’re juicier and sweeter in taste and have a smooth flesh without a lot of fibers.
  • I use jelly mix which is the powder form of agar-agar and made from seaweeds. You can use gelatin such as Knox or Jello if you like but the texture will be softer and less sturdy.
  • I prefer clear and unflavored jelly mix to have in contrast with the yellow mangoes. If you want to add color and depth of flavor, swap with mango-flavored gelatin or replace part of the water in cooking the gelatin with mango juice.
  • I used half a package or 48 grams of jelly powder which yield about 4 cups of cubes. As each brand may require a different amount of liquid, please follow the package’s directions.


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